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Central library is the heart of Vimala College. Vimala College Library started its functioning in 1967. The library is fully computerized with LIBSOFT and has the most modern infrastructure. The library encompasses an area around 10610 sq. ft. in three floors. We have a special approach to wisdom with unique functions, features and environments.

We will maintain a pleasant and inviting atmosphere in the library. The library, with its modern collection of information resources and innovative information services, plays a vital role in the intellectual pursuits of any academic institute, be it the classroom teaching support, reference books, research needs of the students or the faculty or just to provide recreational reading material to its users. This is achieved through developing book collection and networking.

   Library expanded its collection & functions along with the growth of the college. Library had made its collection to cater to the needs of all the departments in the College.


Truth for a knowledgeable society.


To provide resources and services which enrich the student experience and enhance the teaching, learning, and scholarship activity.


To support intellectual growth and critical inquiry, and to promote a continuing love of learning in a congenial space where people choose to gather.


  • To support and enrich the curriculum in all subject areas
  • To support personal development through access to a wide range of materials and media
  • To promote the development of study and research skills as a basis for lifelong learning

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    Recent Activities
    • Seminar and Book Exhibition
    • Mr. C.V. Balakrishnan, an eminent Malayalam novelist inaugurated the seminar “Indelible Expressions in Print: Books, Books and Books” and the two-day book exhibition.

    • “ECHOES”
    • In the seminar on “Indelible Expressions in Print: Books, Books and Books” Mr. R. Gopalakrishnan, the Secretary of the Kerala Sahitya Accademi, Thrissur delivered a lecture on the significance of reading and how in the olden times village libraries used to contribute to the inculcation of this habit among the people. Mr. P. P. Ramachandran delivered a lecture on the latest media and the emerging trends in electronic reading.

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